Holy Spirit Object Lesson

Objects Needed: Apple and butter knife

I like apples! Apple pie, apple crisp, apple-fritters -- mmmmm good! Inside this apple is a power you can't see. You can't see the power by looking at the outside of the apple, but it is there. It is a power to do some incredible things. Let's open this apple and see if we can find the power inside it. (slice the apple in half and pick some seeds out) There it is, so small but so powerful: a seed. In this tiny little seed is the power to grow a whole tree covered with apples! God created the apple to hold the seeds. It is His plan.

God has something powerful for us that we can't see. Even though this power can't be seen, it is still there. God wants us to be filled with this power. It is His Holy Spirit. God created us to hold His Holy Spirit. It is His plan.

When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we have the power to stand up for Jesus, the power to do His will and power to defeat satan, our enemy. The Holy Spirit lives inside us, just like the seeds live inside the apple. We can't see them from the outside, but they are